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Into the perverse mind of Spaz....

26 December
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I'm MOODY! Thats it..and sometimes cruel and harsh when I dont really like you. If I LURVE you, I am a sweetheart. I am bipolar so I tend to have very radical moodswings that take people by surprise, please do not be alarmed :D Just ignore me. All though I reveal a lot in my LJ I am very private when it comes to terms of relationships, you most likely will not see posts about my love life just for the protection and privacy of the people involved. You do still get to see my declaration to insanity however...
80's pop, aislers set, angels, anime, anne rice, arab strap, art, assemblage 23, augusten burroughs, b'ehl, bauhaus, belle & sebastian, bernie mac, bipolar, blur, braids, breeders, bright eyes, cabaret voltaire, candles, cat power, cats, chinese food, chuck palahniuk, clan of xymox, coldplay, computers, corsets, cosplay, covenant, cruxshadows, culture club, culture kultur, cursive, cybergoths, cybertrash, das ich, dead kennedys, dead people, death, demons, depeche mode, despericidos, devo, diablo, drama, dune, ebm, elliot smith, enon, evereve, everwood, evil, extensions, eyeliner, faith and the muse, fight club, fire, funker vogt, geishas, germany, ghosts, gothic literature, gothic make up, gothic music, goths, guided by voices, hair, happy hardcore techno, harry potter, heaven, hell, him, hot hot heat, incense, industrial, interpol, iris, japanese, jrock, juliana hatfield, kanekalon, kyo, lacrimosa, lain, london after midnight, london suede, lotr, malcom in the middle, malice mizer, mana, manga, misfits, mogwai, morgues, morissey, mortuary science, muse, my bloody valentine, nada surf, neverwinter nights, new pornographers, nightwish, nin, peace, peaches, photography, pixies, projekt pitchfork, pulp, quasi, radiohead, rasputina, rpg's, salako, sci fi, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, sleep, smallville, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, spirits, spoon, stereolab, stereophonics, switchblade symphony, synth pop, synthetic hair, the cure, the faint, the liars, the mars volta, the sims, the smiths, trance, vampires, veruca salt, victorian, violence, vnv nation, xiu xiu, yo la tengo


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